The Raven and the Peacock

One story that I will never forget is this story about the raven and the peacock, it sounds funny but it's actually meaningful. There's this beautiful and attractive peacock at the zoo, people liked this creature so much especially when she spreads her beautiful tail and brings out her shining and colorful feathers. There was…Read more The Raven and the Peacock

Save Me

What I’m about to tell you is literally and figuratively driven by my emotional and physical aspect when it comes to drowning. The worst thing that I have experienced in this life is drowning. Because you feel so helpless, yes, helpless. And that’s a terrible thing. I never ever wanted to feel that way but…Read more Save Me


I’ve always wondered why I am born in this world. At times, I mostly feel discontented of the things I have and the people I have. Even my own name? I hated it. Specifically, my second name. I can’t be happy with everything, when I look at the back while I’m standing, I see nothing, […]