The Raven and the Peacock

One story that I will never forget is this story about the raven and the peacock, it sounds funny but it’s actually meaningful.

There’s this beautiful and attractive peacock at the zoo, people liked this creature so much especially when she spreads her beautiful tail and brings out her shining and colorful feathers. There was never a time that no one ever looked at it. This peacock is one of the main attractions at the zoo. But in its life, every day, a raven is always visiting it. Checking it out, taking a look. And so, Every day, the peacock and the raven is having a conversation because the peacock is very nice, gentle, and accommodating. The raven was always welcome to drop by. But the peacock didn’t know that there is something dark, emotionally, hidden inside the raven’s heart.

As the raven always visits the zoo, they became friends, more like best friends. Then there was this day that the raven brought up a topic about them, physically. The raven told the peacock, that he’s so jealous of her because she’s beautiful, gorgeous, and attractive. While he is so black, lonely, and unattractive. People will never spend time in looking at him because he thinks that he’s ugly and not worthy of appreciation. But the peacock disagreed. She said that “If there’s one to be jealous, it should be me not you. Why? Because this physical appearance of mine is not that important to me, yes, I have this but you see, I am not free and my life is just limited here in this place and at least you get to fly around and go wherever you want. I can’t even fly and see the beauty of my surroundings. I can’t literally go to the top of a tree. You may see this as a success but it’s not, it’s really not. What’s the use of these beautiful parts when I am not free to see the world? You know what? People’s judgment and them giving attention, whether it’s positive or negative shouldn’t matter to us because the only thing that can make us appreciate ourselves is us. Happiness is not about them, it’s always about you.”

If you’re reading this, always remember that you’re beautiful no matter what. Just be yourself. You don’t need to pretend just to get their attention and appreciation. It’s better to be free than to be beautiful. It’s better to see the beauty of this world than to focus on the beauty of ourselves. We are all a raven, we feel so dirty, ugly and filthy. But that is not the thing, we don’t deserve those adjectives. So, cheer up! As long as you’re free and true to yourself, you will be happy. And one more thing, LIVE OUT LOUD.

You are beautiful just the way you are! :)And I must go.


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