Save Me

What I’m about to tell you is literally and figuratively driven by my emotional and physical aspect when it comes to drowning.

The worst thing that I have experienced in this life is drowning. Because you feel so helpless, yes, helpless. And that’s a terrible thing. I never ever wanted to feel that way but unfortunately, I did. And we all did. It’s like no one would ever reach your hand to save you from dying. That feeling when you cannot lift yourself up and so, you’re hoping that someone would. And that is not the worst part, you cannot find a way to lift yourself up but something underneath the water is pulling you down.
Physically, you’re asking for help because you’re dying. Well is that even different from what you feel? emotionally? You’re seeking for help to be heard. You’re talking to everyone, to see if there is someone willing to pull you up and not push you down.

In life, drowning is bullshit. Some people would reach your hand and here you are, so gullible, actually believing in them. So as they reach your hand, they will suddenly release the hold just ’cause they see that you’re not worthy of the help. And then, there are these people, who would actually swim down not to lift you up but to pull you down, deeper and harder just because they see that you’re clearly better than them, crab mentality it is. Lastly, there are people who would help you get up because they remember all you did for them, not just once, but twice ’til there’s nothing to be remembered. Then, they will all come up with a thought that you’re just a weakling, a burden for them, always needed saving. But still, even though you knew that you will still trust them and love them ’cause they’ve saved you twice but when you drown for the third time, they will get tired of saving you and will just let you down for good.

Feeling helpless is the same as being alone, there are times that you cannot do it anymore and need help from everyone or someone but they will not come for you likewise, they will all leave you. What you have to do, is to go on without them, and live life trusting and loving yourself because, at the end of the day, you only have your shadow.

If you’re saved then good for you, but how about those people who don’t have anyone to help them?

Do not take for granted what one is feeling, you’ll never know the pain that they continually endure inside. Once someone needed help, or once you see someone drowning. Do not hesitate. Save them before it’s too late.


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