I’m a Liability

Lorde’s song ‘Liability’ has been a part of my playlist and is one of my favorite songs. Part of being lost is this thought that you are a little much for everyone, I always feel that no one understands me, no one ever cared for me and I always see myself as a burden.

You think that no one would ever see the good in you, or appreciate you, just the way you are. Sometimes, we have to pretend to be someone else in order for us to feel the acceptance and belonging.

The only love that we haven’t screwed up is our love for ourselves, we tend to forget about ourselves for other people. But the question is: “Is it a bad thing to love myself? “

Well the answer is no, definitely not. Because all we have is ourselves. At the end of the day, you’ll see your shadow beside you because that is how life goes on. We shouldn’t rely on other people’s arms to comfort us, to encourage us. It’s all ourselves. Actually, the bad thing is that we hate ourselves no matter what we do. Because we always fail, we always disappoint ourselves and the people around us. But sometimes there are people who continually show their suppport. Yes, it is good that there are people rooting for you, but how can you be motivated without trusting and loving yourself? Before others to appreciate us, we should learn first how to do the same for own selves.

The most striking part of the song is this line: “The truth is that I am a toy, that people enjoy ’til all of the tricks don’t work anymore.”

Let’s admit it, once the benefits lose. The friendship or the relationship will be gone. Majority of the people stays in each other’s company not because they enjoy but because they benefit from each other. And Sometimes, you don’t gain anything,  but that person benefits from you. They will not help you unless you do them a favor, they will not care for you unless they need something from you. People are not pure in motives, they all stick to the principle of scratching each other’s backs.

A simple care is enough to save a life. Do not wait until you see their shadows disappear as the sun goes down.


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