Confused About Everything

Confusion is a real thing, it could be the absence of clarity in your life. And once you have this, you might not have the peace of mind in everything you do. As defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary,

“confusion is a situation in which people are uncertain about what to do or are unable to understand something clearly”; thus, confusion is the feeling where you do not understand what is happening and what is expected.

Another feeling that we can collate with confusion is disappointment. For most of the times, we work hard, harder in order to get something, finish something or accomplish something. But then, it didn’t always go as we expected. We thought that we are in control of everything but when the proper situation comes, we don’t know what’s going on anymore. Because it’s a mistake. Why? You’ll never be confused if you’ve prepared yourself in that situation. You will never ever feel confusion if you really did ready your heart and your mind in that situation. And you will never ever be confused if you really manage to complete the puzzle and see or studied the scene or the picture.

There are a lot of factors that we should consider in confusion like your environment, socioeconomic status, emotional capacity, intellectual aspect and etc., but things well get more complicated if you’ll continue to entertain that feeling(confusion) in you. Yes, it’s hard. But this is for the sake of ourselves. Just always remember that you should ready yourself in a situation where you choose to be in and clear your mind if that’s the cause of confusion, you’re the only one who could help and lift yourself up, moreover, people can’t help you if you can’t help in the outback


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